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Top 5 Health Threats Men Are So Concerned About

Men's Health Threats So you're a man and you think you will not be affected by any health problems? Not really. As studies have shown, more and more men are becoming concerned about their state of health especially because changes in their lifestyle and diet have increased the likelihood of having any of the top 5 health threats men are so concerned about.

These five threats include the following:

1. Heart Diseases.

Those occasional chest pains may just be the clue that something is wrong with your heart or the arteries surrounding it. This condition is made worse by lifestyle: partying especially when there is a huge stock of oily and unhealthy foods, booze, smoking, and especially the sedentary lifestyle many men are living these days. In all countries of the world, heart problems of varying sorts are the most pressing concern men worry about.

2. Cancer.

Cancer is considered as the second most common health concerns men worry about. In particular, two types of cancer seem to occupy the minds of men: lung cancer and prostate cancer. The first one is undoubtedly the result of smoking. However, another interesting fact is that men are also suffering from so-called second-hand smoke, which doctors say is more harmful than smoking first-hand. On the other hand, bacterial infection is thought to be the main cause of having prostate cancer. According to studies, prostate cancer is a cause for worry because most cases are diagnosed late and often with only surgery as the alternative.

3. Diabetes.

Although this affects both genders, men seem to be more concerned about it because men bound to suffer more from it than women. This is because one of the damages that can be caused by diabetes is for man becoming impotent.

4. Stroke.

Stroke is often considered as the silent killer as most of the victims of this cruel condition often exhibited no signs of being ill. Many men are often concerned about this because stroke is undoubtedly due in part to lifestyle. Specifically, smoking and alcohol intake increases the likelihood of having stroke.

5. Kidney Diseases.

What many men do not know is that there are many people falling victim to renal failure. This happens when the kidney stops operating and stops regulating the processing of the body's wastes. Just like the other diseases mentioned above, kidney failure is also attributed to lifestyle issues.

What to Do

  • Make sure to eat healthy food. In today's fast-food culture, this may be easier said than done. Eating fruits and fresh vegetables is highly recommended. It is also healthy to take food supplements, but if you are taking medications, it is important to consult with a doctor first.
  • Exercise regularly. The benefits of even just 30 minutes of sweating each day is known to have long positive effects to health.
  • Stop smoking and drinking. These two vices alone are the greatest causes of damages to one's health. So if you value your life, stay away from these.


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