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Erectile Dysfunction - Risks and causes after the age 50

To understand causes of erectile dysfunction, it is first important to understand how erection is caused. Sexual stimulation in the form of physically touching the penis or fantasising about sex is a major cause of erection. Due to electrical impulses generated in this process, the blood flow to the penis increases expanding the penis and thus leads to erection. When there is a problem in stimulation or any problem in the genitals or the blood flow to the penis, erectile dysfunction occurs. This can happen at any age. However most males after the age of 50 experience erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has many risks and causes after the age of 50.

The risks include cardiovascular diseases or problems. A recent study has found out that males after the age of 50, who are going through an erectile dysfunction problem, are most likely to suffer from some kind of heart or cardiovascular disease. The other problem is high cholesterol. Other risks can also involve depression or other psychiatric problems as a male even if he is above 50 years of age finds it difficult to accept the fact.

Such men have sexual stimulation but due to lower levels of hormones and other problems related to genitals, are unable to experience an erection. The erectile dysfunction risks after the age of 50 are not extremely severe but understanding the causes can help in being aware of the reasons so as to avoid any psychiatric problems. The causes of erectile dysfunction in males after the age of 50 are more related to physical factors. Obesity is one of the major causes. Besides that excessive smoking also causes erectile dysfunction. Also with age the desire remains but excitement decreases.

Physical or intimate contact may result in the excitement but erection tends to take longer time and ejaculation is premature. This leads to a low self esteem in most males and also hampers relations as males are unable to accept the fact that they are facing an erectile dysfunction problem. Another major cause that has been brought to light is the low levels of physical activity. Males who exercise regularly often have a healthier sexual life than their counterparts. Even after the age of 50, if males are physically active they will not experience an erectile dysfunction.

Besides all these, other causes of erectile dysfunction are excessive consumption of alcohol and antidepressant drugs. Thus it can be concluded that only 15% of the causes of erectile dysfunction and risks after the age of 50 are psychological. Rest 85% can be contributed to the physical factors explained above. This condition can definitely be treated even at a higher age. However, one should refrain from using any kind of over the counter drugs or pills as these may harm your overall physical health. After the age of 50, it is best to take the advice from an urologist before taking any type of medication for erectile dysfunction.


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