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Natural Yogic Ways of treating Erectile Dysfunction

According to yogic therapy, erectile dysfunction means the same but has a totally different approach. Yoga has always been linked to healing in a natural way. Ayurveda is also one of the ways of healing which when supported by Yoga will help achieve desired results. Read More

Long Term Erectile Dysfunction

Due to the rise in number of cases of long term erectile dysfunction, there are many recently discovered management options for them. It initially begins with a little counselling where a person is made to accept the fact that there is a problem but it can be treated. Read More

Erectile Dysfunction - Signs of sexual malfunction in adolescents

Adolescence is one of the most crucial periods of one's life. Both males and females go through a lot of rapid changes during this phase. It is quite often compared to an emotional torture or assault because not only the body is experiencing a lot of physical changes but undergoing emotional changes too. Read More

Erectile Dysfunction - Risks and causes after the age 50

When there is a problem in stimulation or any problem in the genitals or the blood flow to the penis, erectile dysfunction occurs. This can happen at any age. However most males after the age of 50 experience erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has many risks and causes after the age of 50. Read More

Ayurveda for curing Erectile Dysfunction

Ayurveda has long been a remedy for many grave ailments and disorders. Though the treatment does not show overnight results, the results are much more long lasting and the success rate of Ayurveda medicines is definitely higher than allopathic drugs. Read More

The Anatomy of Erectile Dysfunction

Erection is perhaps the most sexually fulfilling part of any man's life aside from sexual intercourse itself. Unfortunately, many men take erection for granted, reasoning it is something that comes naturally. Read More

Erectile Dysfunction and Alcoholism

One of the common fallacies that people have about erection is that alcohol and erection are not affecting each other. This belief is often supported by men feeling becoming more sexually potent when taking a shot of alcohol. Read More

The Pros and Cons of ED Pills

Thanks to pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, men now have a chance to get around one of the biggest problems ever faced by the male gender. Read More

Viagra: The Magic Pill for Men with ED

Thankfully, Pfizer came with a small blue wonder pill more than a decade ago. Popularly known as Viagra, the pill became an instant hit. Read More

Understanding the Physiology of Erectile Dysfunction

We all know that erection is a rather complex process than previously thought of. This process is so complex that if something goes wrong along the way, erection may be impossible to achieve. Read More

Why Men Should Watch Out for Waning Sexual Desire

For men, sexual performance is a personal thing. This is why whenever there is a dip in one's sexual performance, whether slight or significant, it is bound to affect a man's ego. So if your appetite for sex is on the downward turn, it may be better for you to take notice. Read More

Top 5 Health Threats Men Are So Concerned About

As studies have shown, more and more men are becoming concerned about their state of health especially because changes in their lifestyle and diet have increased the likelihood of having any of the top 5 health threats men are so concerned about. Read More

The Top 5 Supplements Every Man Should Take

Men rarely pay attention to their diet, especially on the type of nutrients they take in. This is why most men, when they grow old, often complain from a multitude of health problems because of not paying good attention to their health when they were younger. Read More

The Top 10 Foods for Men

Perhaps it is because of the fact that women undergo pregnancy and her health is important for the good health of the baby that most health topics pertain to women. However, men have health needs too, and their needs are of no lesser importance compared to those of women. Read More

Bar Foods Men Should Stay Away From

Bar foods are rarely healthy because that's not what they were meant for in the first place. More often than not, such foods are designed to go down with booze, which says a lot about their effects to health. Read More

Why Men Need Their Proteins

Protein is one of the essential nutrients needed by the body. However, most men do not pay attention to the amount of protein they are getting. Read More

Colon Cancer in Men: How to Prevent It

Colon cancer is a very dreaded disease in men. Although it affects both genders, there is something nasty about it especially on how the body handles overeating. Read More

Hair Loss in Men: Know the Options

Nevertheless, there are still some things you can do to help alleviate your hair loss woes, and here are some of them... Read More

Prostatitis: Why You Should Worry

It is said that one of the most painful and also one of the most damaging of diseases that can affect men is prostatitis. Read More

Alcohol and Men's Metabolic Diet

The research on the correlation between alcohol intake and metabolism in men is something new that is why very little is known about this. Surprisingly, alcohol intake has some beneficial results, which are very far from the damaging results alcohol is largely known to be responsible of. Read More

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