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Long term Erectile Dysfunction: Recently discovered management options

Sexual impotence or sexual malfunction is mostly sidelined. People fail to understand of how important it is to have the passion going on. Not only is it important to sustain relationships but also for overall physical and emotional health of a male. Most of the times erectile dysfunction problems do not come to light. Thus one may keep suffering from long term erectile dysfunction. However with time people are trying to be open about it since there are many cures available. They realize that if they discuss the problem with a good urologist, it will be helpful in restoring the sexual arousal. A few cases may be psychological but most of the causes for erectile dysfunction are physical.

Due to the rise in number of cases of long term erectile dysfunction, there are many recently discovered management options for them. It initially begins with a little counselling where a person is made to accept the fact that there is a problem but it can be treated. Then the primary treatment includes oral medications. Viagra has been long used as a successful drug for erectile dysfunction. Levitra and belong to the same category. Oral therapy is best than other invasive methods. The newest and recently discovered management options in this category include PDE5 inhibitors, , Sildenafil and Vardenafil.

PDE5 helps in blocking the biochemical pathway and thus promotes erection. Presently PDE 1-6 are generally used. It has found a lot of success in curing long term erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil and Vardenafil when taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse has shown to stimulate erection which lasts quite long. Tadalafil is little different from all the other but has effects lasting for as long as 24 hours. All these however, need to be taken under medical guidance. If at all oral therapy does not work, there are alternate methods. This includes hormone replacement therapy. This involves increasing the level of testosterone in the body since this hormone causes sexual activeness. However there are many side effects to this treatment.

Others include Prostaglandin E1 which may be administered intraurethrally. It is absorbed and transported throughout the genitals and cause erection. There are some vasoactive drugs which can also be injected intracavernosally. In recent times, intracavernosal therapy is preferred since it effective than the other therapies and has lesser side effects. There is also a vacuum therapy which can be used to cope up with long term erectile dysfunction. It includes use of an external vacuum device with tension rings. This therapy is said to maintain erections for up to half an hour. In a couple of days, men can learn this therapy and experience remarkable results.

Then there are penile injections which are no used extensively now because of the effective oral drugs those are available. Many men also prefer to opt for penal prosthesis or implant. This mechanical device when inserted in the penis helps in long lasting erections. This treatment also has lesser side effects and high success rate. The last option is a micro surgery for people who have suffered from some injury which has caused block in the blood flow leading to long term erectile dysfunction.


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