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Why Men Should Watch Out for Waning Sexual Desire

Men's Sexual Desire For men, sexual performance is a personal thing. This is why whenever there is a dip in one's sexual performance, whether slight or significant, it is bound to affect a man's ego.

So if your appetite for sex is on the downward turn, it may be better for you to take notice.

What Are the Signs of a Waning Sexual Desire?

  • The most common sign of waning sexual desire is a general inability to engage in a truly satisfying sex.
  • In some cases, waning sexual desire is also manifested by inability to attain erection.
  • Although many people dismiss it, loss of appetite to fantasize about sex is one of the common signs. However, some men try to make up for this by viewing pornographic materials to make up for one's failure to stimulate the senses in preparation for sex. However, if it is impossible to attain sexual excitement without the benefit of pornographic materials, then it is most likely a sign of waning sexual desire.

What Does Waning Sexual Desire Means?

Whatever the manifestation of waning sexual desire, it is commonly agreed by doctors that such is usually a sign of having erectile dysfunction. This is a condition wherein a man is unable to attain and maintain erection of sufficient period to have a satisfying sexual performance. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction may also mean as inability to generate enough sperm count as well as inability to do sex several times.

Erectile dysfunction is considered as having an erection of only around 2 times in a week although this definition is by no means universal as other researches aim to fully establish the parameters wherein a condition can be labeled as erectile dysfunction.

What Are the Effects of Waning Sexual Desire?

Effects of Waning Sexual Desire Even if the condition has been diagnosed to be a case of erectile dysfunction, there is really nothing serious to worry about it because the condition is not really life threatening. On the other hand, this condition is common though many men are not aware of it, and those who suspect themselves of having the condition are ashamed to discuss them.

But if you value your relationship, then it is important to think about waning sexual desire or erectile dysfunction. Although a man's health will not be put in peril because of the condition, marriage or any relationship usually is. So before this happens to you, be sure to talk this with your partner and ask for a doctor's help before it's too late.

What Are the Common Causes of Waning Sexual Desire?

According to doctors, stress and tension are two of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, lifestyle and poor diet may also contribute to the situation. One of the most amazing things men will find out about erectile dysfunction is that the causes are usually of the kind that can be prevented simply by talking about it. So being open is the first way to avoid experiencing that dip in your sexual performance. Another cause of erectile dysfunction is due to biological reasons.


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