Natural Yogic Ways of Treating Erectile Dysfunction


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Natural Yogic Ways of Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga According to yogic therapy, erectile dysfunction means the same but has a totally different approach. Yoga has always been linked to healing in a natural way. Ayurveda is also one of the ways of healing which when supported by Yoga will help achieve desired results. According to Ayurveda, erection is caused due to combination heat (pitta/teja) and air (vayu) in the body. The body has different types of vayu located in the phallus, testicles, groin, anus, colon, thighs etc. The vayu helps in the function of ejaculation after intercourse. With a rise in sexual desire, the desire for intimate touch increases.

When the skin feels the touch, it sends signals to the brain which then results in arousal and stimulates the action of vayu. This active and intense vayu releases a lot of heat or pitta/ Teja. Teja and vayu combined together increase the heart beat, body temperature and enable rapid blood flow to the genitals which finally leads into erection. Hence, as per yogic therapy, if one of the functions is not in place, there will be erectile dysfunction. The causes may be many like performance anxiety, stress, administration of excess alcohol, drugs, antidepressants, injury to genital area, smoking and so on.

Herbal remedies always work well in treating erectile dysfunction. But a few yogic exercises will also help a great deal. In natural yogic ways of treating erectile dysfunction, one tends to relax the body completely. This releases the stress which could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. A yoga asana like Khanadasana which includes sitting on the floor with your legs stretched. Then bring your heels towards your navel. Do it really slowly. With you back erect, stretch your hands over your knees or join hands near your chest. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds. Now hold the feet and bring them back to normal stretched position. Since this asana demands flexibility, it will take a while before you learn to master it.

This pose tends to cure the stiffness below the navel. Thus helps in curing erectile dysfunction too. Since every muscle is exercised and relaxed, it stimulates sexual desire. The natural yogic ways of treating erectile dysfunction are to be practiced for longer duration religiously to see the results. Besides the various asanas, deep breathing exercises also help a great deal. The thunderbolt pose if mastered also is beneficial in increasing the blood flow and thus helps in better erection of the penis.

All the yogic exercises must focus on asanas that involve exercise and stretching of the pelvic region. This will help in flexing the muscles and thus enhance sexual performance overall. Yogic exercises must be done regularly and one must have faith in the yogic therapy. The whole process involves flexing, massaging and relaxing of muscles which help in the blood flow. If there is proper and rapid blood flow to the penis, it will definitely cause erection. Thus natural yogic ways of treating erectile dysfunction have always proved to be beneficial and definitely do not have any side effects unlike medicines.


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