Signs of Sexual Malfunction in Adolescents


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Erectile Dysfunction - Signs of Sexual Malfunction in Adolescents

Adolescence is one of the most crucial periods of one's life. Both males and females go through a lot of rapid changes during this phase. It is quite often compared to an emotional torture or assault because not only the body is experiencing a lot of physical changes but undergoing emotional changes too. One tends to have a lot of mood swings and is curious to understand how things develop all of a sudden. This is majorly contributed to hormonal changes. This is also a period when males start experiencing wet dreams, erections, growth of body and pubic hair and an overall physical growth too.

This is also a phase when sexual problems can start emerging and if they are treated in the right manner and time, things can go well for life. Erectile Dysfunction is the sign of sexual malfunction in adolescent males. Some teenagers are open about the changes in the body and their experiences related to sexual behaviour. A few others are shy to disclose things and do not discuss their problems or ask any kind of questions. It is best to be a little open about it and get as much positive information as possible to face the problems of adolescence.

There are quite a few reasons for erectile dysfunction in adolescents. Many times it is due to psychological reasons like guilt. Many teenagers may be taught at home that sex or masturbation is dirty and hence face an erectile dysfunction whenever they try to engage in such activities. The other factor is performance anxiety. Performance anxiety arises when one is too excited about the activity and wants to perform the best. Such a person feels that his partner has huge expectations from him and thus he has to be super active to satisfy her. This causes anxiety due to which the brain releases a few chemicals that limit the blood flow to the penis thus leading to an erectile dysfunction.

Basically the muscles that are present inside the blood vessels are constricted which disallows the penis to enlarge. A low testosterone level can also be one of the causes for erectile dysfunction causing sexual malfunction in adolescents. This can be checked through blood tests and is generally caused due to steroid drugs taken at an early age. Erectile dysfunction in most males is also due to excessive administration of illegal drugs or alcohol. It can lead to complete impotence as well.

The use of anti depressants also causes erectile dysfunction i.e. sexual malfunction in adolescents. If the blood vessels in the genital area are blocked or damaged, this can also cause erectile dysfunction. This can be detected by ultra sound testing. Sometimes excessive bicycling also causes damage to genital area leading to an erectile dysfunction. All these problems have solutions and are better treated at an early age. Adolescents must thus speak openly about these problems with their parents or family doctors so as to avoid complications as adults.


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