The Anatomy of Erectile Dysfunction

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The Anatomy of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Erection is perhaps the most sexually fulfilling part of any man's life aside from sexual intercourse itself. Unfortunately, many men take erection for granted, reasoning it is something that comes naturally. However, if one really considers about it, erectile dysfunction is far more serious than just simple loss of sexual appetite. So how does erectile dysfunction occur? Here are some of the factors causing a man to have the problem:

  • Erectile dysfunction occurs if there are some problems affecting the smooth muscular walls of the blood vessels in the penis. These blood vessels are very important because they are the ones that hold the additional supply of blood. It is also important to keep them smooth by keeping their flexibility, which allows them to expand and retract.
  • On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is also possible because of the inability of the brain to properly process arousing signals that the different parts of the body feeds to it from the external environment. This is often the result of aging when some critical cells in the brain shrinks, depriving it the ability to process the signals.
  • The third possible reason why a man fails to achieve erection is due to the way that the messages coming from the brain are handled by the body's messengers: the neurons. When the neurons are damaged sufficiently to the point where it cannot handle the messages efficiently to tell the intended recipient of the message, the result is erectile problem for the man.
  • External factors like stress and depression are also common causes of erectile dysfunction. When the brain is bothered too much by such things, a man develops certain psychological conditions which rob him of the ability to achieve and hold erection.
  • Lifestyle like smoking and drinking also have negative effects to a man's health especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction. This is because such activities have the ability to affect the cell's vitality in the long run and often affect the vital functioning of the body especially of the brain and blood vessels that are both critical for attaining erection.

From the Brain to the Penis: How It All Happens

Even assuming that the brain is able to process and send out the appropriate signals and the neurons are able to deliver them well, erectile dysfunction can still occur. Here's how:
  • Once the "messages" are received by the blood vessels in the penis, it then sends signals to relax it. This relaxation is critical because it is the precursor to accepting the increased blood flow as well as for holding the blood. If the blood vessels fail to expand sufficiently, the blood vessels remain stiff so it cannot receive the increased blood flow.
  • Even assuming that the blood vessels in the penis are able to expand sufficiently enough, erectile dysfunction is still possible especially if the brain is not properly "motivated". This is why some men often lose hardness even in the midst of an otherwise satisfying sexual intercourse.


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