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Generic Evista

Generic Evista is commonly used as an effective treatment and preventive medication for osteoporosis, or a reduction in bone mass density, which is experience by postmenopausal women.
Generic Evista works by effectively altering the cycles of formation and consequent breakdown of bones within the body.

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How Generic Evista works

Generic Evista works by effectively altering the cycles of formation and consequent breakdown of bones within the body. It is potent in the sense that it inhibits the progressive loss in bone tissue. Inconclusive studies have shown that the drug is effective for such a purpose, without causing an increased risk for cancer of the breasts and the uterus.

How to take Generic Evista

Patients who are potential users of the drug should necessarily follow their physician's instructions concerning intake; if any details of the prescription is unclear, consult with a doctor, a nurse, or a pharmacist for clarification. The drug may be orally ingested with or without taking food prior to intake, but it is advised that intake must be done on the same approximate time each day. If ingestion is difficult, downing it with a drink of water is recommended.


Generic Evista can cause birth defects to an unborn child. Intake of the drug during pregnancy or within periods of planned conception is strongly discouraged. Patients who are scheduled for surgery may need to discontinue use of the drug if they will need extended bed rest after the surgery. Those who are under treatment should also refrain from sitting still for extended periods, especially during travel. Patients with a background of cancer, liver illness, blood clot, a high level of triglycerides, and stroke should notify their physician first before intake of Generic Evista.

Drug Interactions

There are medications which may inhibit the intended effects of Generic Ortho Tri-Cyclen. These include antibiotics, phenylbutazone, St. John's wort, medicines for seizures, certain barbiturates, and medications for HIV. Talk to a doctor if you are taking these drugs; simultaneous intake with Generic Ortho Tri-Cyclen may lead to failed contraception.Certain medications may affect the potency of Generic Evista, either by inhibiting its effects, or neutralizing it altogether. Patients who are currently taking the following drugs should inform their doctor if they are planning on taking Generic Evista: cholestyramine and colestipol; those which have blood-thinning properties like warfarin; and products which contain estrogen and progesterone, like contraceptive pills and those for hormone-replacement therapies.

Side Effects

Adverse effects, which, when experienced, necessitate discontinued intake and immediate medical help include a sharp pain or swelling within the legs; an allergic reaction; abrupt chest pain; coughing up of blood; vision changes; and an unexplained vaginal bleeding. Common adverse effects may include sore muscles, cramping in the legs, sweating, a gain in weight, hot flashes, and rash outbreaks.

Proper Dosage

Although other formulations are available, Generic Evista usually comes in 60 mg dosage strength. Intake instructions are under the discretion of the prescribing physician. The latter may also supplement the intake with calcium, and also vitamin D, if these nutrients are lacking in the patient's diet. In case of a missed intake, follow the physician's intake adjustments.


In case of excessive intake, seek medical aid. Indications for such a condition are currently unknown.


Keep Generic Evista within standard room temperatures; avoid exposing it to direct sources of heat and moisture.

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