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Levitra: An Overview of Its Side Effects

Levitra Side Effects Levitra is one of the newest comers among the drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The main active ingredient in Levitra is vardenafil, which is different from earlier erectile dysfunction drugs whose main ingredients were either tadalafil or sildenafil citrate. Even with the difference in main active ingredients, Levitra is not immune from adverse side effects commonly caused by erectile dysfunction drugs.

Some of these side effects are the following:

  • In the aspect of physical effects, the common manifestation of Levitra side effects is edema. This is commonly seen in the laryngeal area as well as edema in the face. Pain is also a common side effect especially if there is no apparent reason for having the pain.
  • In the hearing system, the most prominent of the side effects from taking Levitra is tinnitus. This is a ringing sensation in the ears that progressively denies a person the ability to hear well even from a short distance. In some cases, the ringing sensation is not there but hearing is still impaired.
  • Perhaps the most serious side effects from taking Levitra affect the heart. Here, angina is the most alarming. This is a condition wherein the heart is deprived for a short time of oxygen, resulting to pain. Although it is only for a short time, the cumulative effect, especially if it is experienced often is to damage to the tissues of the heart as well as the blood vessels there. Ischemia, hypertension, and palpitation are also common side effects.
  • Another deadly side effect of taking Levitra is myocardial infarction. The term may sound technical, but laymen know it simply as heart attack. This happens when there is an arrest of the heart activities causing it to cease functioning.
  • In the digestive system, the side effects may come in the form of dyspepsia, diarrhea, and vomiting. In the most serious cases, the problem may manifest in gastrointestinal acid reflux and vomiting.
  • Levitra also affects the muscles, often causing them to become sore. This is the case when a man is affected by myalgia, back ache, and neck pain. Often, the pain suddenly appears in the arms and legs, and it is sometimes of the pulsating and throbbing nature. This commonly affects around 10% of men taking Levitra. Although a bit common, there is no cause to worry about it as it does not indicate any underlying serious problem. Moreover, the problem can be easily treated with pain relievers or it simply fades out in time.
  • The nervous system is not spared from the side effects of taking Levitra. Vertigo is the most common. Although it may seem not serious at first, it is in fact dangerous to a man's life especially if one happens to be driving or on the street or working in some critical work environment where accuracy of perception is important.
  • Rashes may also result from taking Levitra. The rashes often appear in the skin especially in the arms. This is not a serious concern for any man unless one is suffering from serious skin allergy.
  • For those who are afraid of not waking up after their sleep, then there is some reason to be worried when taking Levitra. One of the concerns arising from taking the drug is that it causes dyspnea - those short periods when a person fails to breath. Although very short, there have been cases in children who stop breathing altogether in the same mechanism as dyspnea.
  • When it comes to sexual performance, Levitra is often blamed by some men as causing them to prematurely ejaculate. Likewise, because the drug is known to have a lasting effect in the body, there is the danger of having a prolonged erection. This may seem ironic because the main reason for taking the drug is to make a man hard. Yet there are situations (approximately 5% of men who take Levitra experiences this) when the erection is far prolonged. This causes the blood vessels in the penis to be dilated more than they have to be, which causes them to lose their flexibility and so cause damage to them. This damage may later cause painful erections.

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