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Generic Lipitor
Lipitor and Generic Lipitor is a prescription medicine which lowers blood cholesterol. Consequently, it also can decrease the risk of a heart attack or stroke in patients who have heart disease risk factors.

An Overview of Generic Lipitor

The generic name of Lipitor is atorvastatin calcium, a member of the drug group called statins, which are used to help lower cholesterol levels. It operates by hindering a rate-determining enzyme located in the hepatic tissue which manufactures mevalonate, a basic molecule which is used in synthesizing cholesterol and other derivative mevalonate. This effectively decreases the level of cholesterol manufactured, which consequently decreases the net level of LDL cholesterol. Atorvastatin is also intended to be a supplement to diet in the treatment of combined hyperlipidemia.

Drug Precautions

Patients under treatment of the drug should avoid conception, as Generic Lipitor may have adverse effects on an unborn child. If the patient has already successfully conceived, she should discontinue medication immediately and consult a doctor. If the patient is breast feeding, the medication can be passed to the baby through breast milk and cause harmful effects.

Patients with liver problems should also refrain from use of the drug, since it may cause complications and adverse effects.

People who are allergic to the active component in Generic Lipitor (atorvastatin) are also discouraged from taking the drug. The same also applies to individuals who may have an allergic reaction to any other ingredients of the medication. It is advisable that the patients thoroughly read all the components of the medication before taking the drug.

Proper Dosage

The intake of Lipitor as a medication must be under the full discretion and prescription of a physician. The doctor may perform blood examinations during the course of the treatment, and the level of the dosage may be adjusted based on the evaluation. Take the medication dosage every day at the regular hour; it may be taken before or after meals. Never break the pills before ingesting them.

The use of Generic Lipitor has been observed and studied for administration to adults. However, no relevant studies have been made for children 10 years of age and below.


Taking at least two doses of Generic Lipitor at the same time may cause serious muscle problems which can result in kidney difficulties, or worse, kidney failure. There is a greater risk for this problem if the drug is being taken in conjunction with other medication. Studies have also shown that an overdose of Lipitor may also result in difficulty in proper liver functioning. Other symptoms of the overdose include nausea, vomiting and stomach pains.

Side Effects

The usual side effects caused by the drug may include muscle and joint pains, headaches, skin rashes, constipation, an upset stomach, passing of gas, and diarrhea. The patient may also observe a brown or dark-colored tint in their urine, a tendency to feel persistent tiredness, and a yellowing of the skin and eyes.


Generic Lipitor should be stored at room temperature, at 20 to 25 C, and kept in a tightly sealed container.

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