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Generic Propecia

Propecia and Generic Propecia is a medication which helps in the treatment of mild to moderate hair loss patterns in men, specifically on the top and the middle front of the head.

An Overview of Propecia

The generic name of Propecia is finasteride, an active ingredient which was originally intended to treat prostate enlargement; further research showed that a milligram of the drug showed positive signs of hair growth in men with hair loss patterns. Finasteride has since been approved as an official treatment for pattern hair loss in men. The drug is indexed in many countries as a solution to androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness.

Drug Precautions

Generic Propecia is meant as a treatment for male-pattern hair loss only in men, and is not intended for use by women and children.

Women who may or may not be conceiving are discouraged from the use of Propecia, or even on handling pulverized or broken pills. The drug may cause a chemical reaction which results in abnormalities in the unborn child's reproductive organs. Pregnant women who inadvertently came in contact with Generic Propecia should consult a doctor immediately. As a safety measure for this risk, the pills are coated; in order to avoid contact of the skin with the active component when being handled, assuming that the pills are not broken or crushed in the process.

It is important that anyone intending to use the drug should consult a physician.

Men who are allergic to the active component finasteride, or with any other ingredient of Propecia, should immediately discontinue the use of the drug.

Proper Dosage

1 mg regular dosages of Generic Propecia is proven to result in positive hair growth. In order to get the maximum benefit from the drug, users are advised to take it daily for a period of three months or longer. If the drug does not give positive results within a year of use, then it probably is ineffective for that particular user. The medication is only effective with continued use. Discontinuing intake will result in the loss of the hair which the user has gained after a year of stopping the treatment.


Different disputes over the 1 mg daily dosage concerning effectiveness and potential adverse effects remain inconclusive. Although proposals on decreasing the dose of Generic Propecia to 0.2 mg state that the benefits in health and hair regrowth remain the same, there is no current study which proves that the 1 mg dosage has any long-term side effects.

Side Effects

The active ingredient finasteride has been associated with depression. Although women who are conceiving are prohibited from handling the drug, the semen of men who are under treatment of Generic Propecia does not pose any risk to an unborn baby. There are also isolated cases (2%) of men who experience sexual side effects from the intake of the drug, including a lessened sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, and decreased semen amount. These side effects are temporary, and the symptoms stop after discontinued use of the drug. Other side effects include allergic reactions, difficulties in ejaculation and testicular pain.


Propecia should be stored in a tight container at room temperature (22-25 C).

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