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Generic Proscar
Generic Proscar is used to treat enlarged prostates in males. The condition is termed as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH and can cause frequent urination, urgency or urination, weak stream, unemptied bladder etc kind of problems. Surgery is the last resort in such cases. However Generic Proscar which contains Finasteride helps in shrinking the prostate thus treating the ailment. The enzyme decreases the amount of dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the body thus decreasing the enlarged prostate too.


How Should I Take This Medication?

Since it is a tablet, it can be taken along with the universal solvent - water, with or without food. Generic Proscar should not be chewed or crushed. It should be taken as a whole. If the tablet has leaked, it should be thrown away.

What Should I Tell My Doctor Before Taking This Medication?

It is important to discuss your medical condition with the doctor before taking Generic Proscar. In case you have allergies against some foods or medicines or even Finasteride, the doctor should know about it. Cases such as liver problems, infections, prostate cancer, urinary problems etc need to be discussed properly with the doctor.

What Should I Watch For When Using This Drug?

Generic Proscar can be easily absorbed through the skin. Hence it is very important that female or children's bodies are not exposed to a leaked tablet. It can have various negative effects on male children which could cause problems in the genitals. In case of women especially pregnant women, the drug can damage the foetus. Generic Proscar also passes through the breast milk. Hence it should be kept away from ladies who breast feed. A normal prescribed dosage must be followed till the prescribed time. Dosage should not be stopped without consulting your doctor. Over dosage may cause some severe side effects.

Drug Interactions

The doctor must be well informed of all the herbal and other medications whether prescribed or non-prescribed that you are using. There are not many known drug interactions with Generic Proscar. However it is best to keep your doctor informed about any allergies that you experience and other ailments especially prostate cancer. The drug can affect the blood tests during prostate cancer and hence should not be used if you are suffering from it.

Side Effects

Side effects during the use of Generic Proscar include rashes, itching, swelling, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, pain in testicles, breast enlargement, pain or tenderness, nipple discharge, lump in the breast, problem in urinating, erectile dysfunction, impotence, reduced libido, premature ejaculation, weight gain, depression etc. All these side effects are very minor. In fact few people experience none or very slight side effects. The intensity of these may increase only in case of overdose or sudden stoppage of Generic Proscar.


Generic Proscar needs to be stored below 30 degrees C. It must be stored in dry places away from moisture and in air tight containers. The tablets tend to leak in high temperatures and pose threat to children and women coming in contact with leaked tablets. Hence they must be kept away from pets and children.

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